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Monday, September 27, 2004

At Last!

      I've long believed that the single most important thing needed to make space routinely accessible is to absolutely reject any idea whatsoever of involvement by NASA.  The people running the "space agency" do NOT want us to have cheap access to space.

      And today, someone else sees it
Sir Richard Branson today announced that he had signed a licensing deal to create a fleet of spacecraft offering commercial flights to space by 2007-8.

Speaking at the launch of Virgin Galactic Airways, Sir Richard said he planned to invest £60m in space tourism, making it accessible to the general public.
      And where will Sir Richard get his spacecraft?  From "Mojave Aerospace Ventures," the Paul Allen/Bert Rutan company that has been creating SpaceShipOne, expected to win the Ansari X-Prize over the next few days.

      This is the most important story of the decade.  We are on our way.



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