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Friday, September 03, 2004

The Bad News from Russia

    Here is the longest story I've seen yet on today's mass murder in Beslan.  The story runs thirty-four paragraphs.

    Money quote, paragraph 5

A hostage who escaped told Associated Press Television News that the militants numbered 28, including women wearing camouflage uniforms. The hostage, who identified himself only as Teimuraz, said the militants began wiring the school with explosives as soon as they took control.

    and paragraphs 24 and 25:

The violence began after militants had agreed to let Russia retrieve the bodies of people killed early in the raid. Explosions went off as the emergency personnel went to get the bodies at around 1 p.m., collapsing part of the roof of the building, and hostages took the noise as a signal to flee, officials said.

Militants opened fire on fleeing hostages and security forces returned fire. Once the hostage-takers sought to escape, Russian officials apparently made the decision to storm the building.

    So it appears the murderers let the "emergency personnel" in, then blew up part of the building to increase the body count.  When the hostages ran for it, they shot them in the back.  Including the children.  Oh by the way, ten of these criminals are reported to be Arabs.

  About the terrorists, I just want to take this opportunity to say, "Burn in Hell, you evil motherfuckers.  I hope they wrap the three or so of you captured surviving scum in wet, raw, pigskin and let you smother as it contracts. I'll cheer your execution, and my country will help the Russians hunt down your fellow murderers and exterminate you."

    A special sneer is reserved for the Associated Press, and all other such fools.  Note the language of the story: "separatist rebels" twice, "rebels," "Chechen rebels" and of course "militants" thirteen times.  How about "terrorism" or "terrorist" or "terror?"  Aside from quotes, just one or two times: the phrase "Russia's worst terror attacks," and the statement that "President Bush . . .did not talk about the Russian terrorism during his speech."

    Objectively, the AP is a legitimizer of cowardly, despicable mass murderers.  I regret that I don't have the opportunity to spit on the authors and editors of this trash.

, and now more than ever.


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