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Friday, September 10, 2004

Can't relax for a minute

    It's been two days since I got on the net.

    In that time, CBS "News" has featured "new" documents that allegedly show W. failed to perform his National Guard duties.  And the blogosphere has cast such doubt on those documents that only the die-hard partisans can still believe in them.


    For future reference, the best summary I have found of Rathergate is here.  But what's really interesting is the contrast between the two sides. CBS and Rather say: 'Trust us!'  They mostly don't tell us where the story came from, how it was validated, or anything else.  The bloggers almost invariably have names and references to sites, allowing you to check things for yourself.

    As a general rule, whenever I've done research on any controversial subject, the side that says 'Trust us!' has never been credible, and almost never been correct.

    Update: Jeff Harrell's blog The Shape of Days has a post on whether the IBM Selectric Composer could have made the Bush memos.  Short answer: almost certainly not.  That more or less settles it.  It is almost impossible to do with any typewriter available in 1973.  CBS will continue to change the subject, but it's over.

    Further Update: Instapundit now links to two stories in the MSM blasting CBS: ABC says that one of the people who "verified" the document claims he was lied to, and now thinks they are forgeries; The Wichita Eagle says the officer supposedly pressuring Killian was retired over a year before the memos were written.

    By now, all I wonder is whether CBS was taken, or didn't care if the memos were genuine, or committed deliberate fraud.



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