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Monday, September 27, 2004

Didn't You Ever Take a Composition Course, You Moron?

      Captain Ed directs us to an ABC News piece on political blogging.

      In an ABC news story on blogs, we find this gem:
Markos Moulistsas runs one of the most popular liberal blogs, called the Daily Kos.

"I was driving my family and friends and co-workers crazy ranting about the injustices that I saw everyday," the former Army veteran explains.  [My emphasis]

      So, Moulistsas used to be a veteran, but now he's a non-veteran?

      And contemplate this sentence:
"What blogs have really done for politics is they've allowed for a two-way communication between candidates and campaigns to really [SIC!] supporters and voters.

      By the way, who was it that supplied this controversial bit of secret wisdom?  We'll never know: it's an anonymous source.

      But the crowning fatuity is the statement:
Someone calling himself "Hindrocket" posted

      So, the author of this piece, Ms. Kate Snow, doesn't know how to find out who the people posting at Powerline are (it involves esotoric point & click skills), and doesn't know that Hindrocket was one of the people who took down Rather and CBS.  Or maybe Ms. Snow just didn't want you to know that.  Did I mention that there are no links in this story?

      And these are the people who are so superior to us, because they have editors, journalism school degrees?  SHEESH!



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