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Saturday, September 11, 2004

In future, protect yourself

    Over at Powerline, there's an interesting observation.  Concerning the latest round of stories in the Boston Globe and other places, where people have angrily asserted they've been misquoted, reader Eric Baker says:
    It's almost as if interviewing these people was just a formality, allowing for the appearance of investigative journalism.  In the meantime, they write whatever they wish.  If the person quoted never speaks up, great.  If they do, then just claim what the person says now is not what they were saying before and it becomes a kind of draw, which is really a victory for them.

    I think in future, everyone should expect to be interviewed, (after all, we'll all be famous for fifteen minutes), and you should refuse to speak to someone until you've got a tape recorder handy.  Nothing like being able to play back the conversation to prove they misquoted you.

    Bottom line: assume the Main Stream Media is a pack of liars who always distort whatever they're told.



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