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Friday, September 24, 2004

Mary Mapes: Designated Victim

      If you go over to John Ellis's blog and read the posts, you'll see he expects the CBS suits to make Mary Mapes the primary victim of Rathergate.  Nor is he the only one.  Mickey Kaus and Beldar agree that she's been passed the black spot.

      Their arguments are very good, but there's another piece of evidence worth noting.

      If you go to, for example, this story you will see a very unflattering picture of Ms. Mapes.  Google some other stories, and you'll come across that picture a lot.  In fact, it's the only one I've seen to date.  You really think CBS doesn't have a better picture somewhere?  One that doesn't make her look like a prisoner doing hardtime in a maximum security prison?  For that matter, you think the press couldn't dig one up if they wanted to?

      Update, April 02, 2005: I now know how to post photos.  Here's the one I was referring to:

      Nope, Mapes is history, and everyone in the news racket is in on it.  By by, Ms. Mapes.  That pain you're feeling in your back is where your former friends stuck the daggers in.



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