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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nope, Nothing to See Here

      Kerry Haters has a nice piece of info from Gen. Tommy Franks's American Soldier:
"[The 1 MEF] had also encountered several hundred foreign fighters from Egypt, the Sudan, Syria, and Libya who were being trained by the regime in a camp south of Baghdad. Those foreign volunteers fought with suicidal ferocity, but they did not fight well. The Marines killed them all."

      Of course, it isn't possible that any of those people were Islamofascists, or aiming to attack the United States at any point.  No, no, they were all good, clean secular killers, who only intended to attack non-USAmericans.  They probably mistook the Marines for the Israeli Army or some such.  We know for certain, because Sen. Kerry says so, that there was no connection between the jihadists and Iraq.

      "And I am Marie of Romania."



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