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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Note to the Mainstream Press: Here's why we increasingly despise you

      Over at New England Republican, (hat tip: the Blogfather) there's a letter to the ombudsman at the New York Times, complaining about the difference in treatment between the coverage of the 'Was Bush AWOL from the National Guard?' story, and the 'What did Kerry really do in Viet Nam?' story.  The letter writer complains that the Times hasn't covered Kerry's admission that he wasn't in Cambodia at Christmas, 1968.  The writer also notes that the Times ran many stories about Bush's National Guard service, although the evidence that Bush wasn't at his post was much less.  So, he wants to know, when will the Times cover this story?

      The reply from the Times, in full:
I raised your concern with senior editors at The Times who explained that the staff is working hard on this issue, and when there's anything reliable to say, as opposed to rumors and suspicions, they intend to report it fully.

Arthur Bovino
Office of the Public Editor
The New York Times

      What's appalling here is the fact that Arthur Bovino is either a complete moron, or a cynic treating the letter writer as a moron.  The claim that Kerry was in Viet Nam at Christmas, 1968, was made by Kerry in The Boston Globe, and on the floor of Congress.  The admission that this isn't true came in a press release from the Kerry campaign (I lack the energy today to find the links to all this. Go search Instapundit or Beldarblog if you want more). But this the Times treats as "rumors and suspicions."  The claim that Bush was AWOL from the Guard has not been supported by anyone or any document -- but that, the Times reported.  And yet they expect us not to notice the double standard.

      What's really intriguing (and frightening) is the thought that they don't notice the double standard themselves.  But regardless of why they pull this stuff, we the people are on to them.



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