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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Semi-Kudos to the New York Times

    I intended to give the New York Times some unqualified praise here.  In at least two recent stories, the Times wrote about the horrible mass murder in Beslan, and called the perpetrators by an appropriate name: "terrorists."  Having read the stories in today's dead-tree Strib, I had nothing but affection in my heart as I went to the online Times to find the hyperlinks to the two stories I'd noticed.

    And then I found this.  Suddenly, we have "rebels," "rebel," "attackers" (five times), "attacks" (twice), "strikes", "separatists," "extremists," "ideologues," and "fighters."  "Fighters" is especially disgusting and inaccurate, considering that these murdering scum held unarmed adults and children hostage.

    Twice the Times uses the word "terror": in the first sentence ("Inside the charred, bullet-pocked wreckage of Middle School No. 1 lies evidence of the terror Russia faces,") and in the third paragraph ("While investigators have only begun to piece together the details of the worst act of terror to strike Russia").  But the word "terrorist" doesn't appear.  You'd almost think the "terror" was fear of some natural catastrophe, rather than the deliberate work of evil men and women.

    Too bad.  For a moment there I had my hopes up, but I guess the unusual accuracy was some sort of mistake.



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