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Monday, September 06, 2004

Terrorist Captured?

    CNN reports that Russian television has a live "suspect" in the Beslan murders (hat tip Ann Althouse).  No name given.  He says he was told they were trying to start "a war across the Caucasus."  He also claims that there were Uzbeks, Chechens, and Arabs among the kidnappers.  He claims he didn't want to hurt any children, and didn't shoot any.  Later, the story mentions "officials" who say the swine included Ingush.

    Althouse also says "I just heard on a Fox News broadcast that some of the Beslan terrorists did not know that children were going to be the hostages and had the humanity to refuse to participate when they saw what they had gotten themselves involved in."  I can't at the moment find anything about this on the Fox News site.  Allegedly, those reluctant to murder children were slain by other terrorists.

    I find this somewhat plausible, given the fact that the current number on the monsters is 'more than thirty,' while previous stories said about 20.

    The Sunday Mirror of Britain has a story on the experiences of the victims.  "They knifed babies, they raped girls" says the title.  The body of the story adds that the rapes were video taped.

    The death toll is currently 335, with more than 100 missing, not including the attackers.  The evil of all this alternately depresses and enrages me.

    May God bless and keep the souls of the victims.  And I ask his mercy on any of those who refused to take part in child murder.

    Meanwhile, I hope the Russians wise up and start assassinating radical Islamic clerics and members of the Saudi Royal family.  The way to end this kind of war is to go after those at the head of it.



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