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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

That's It, I'm Done With Them

      The Rathergate mess was bad enough, but as far as I'm concerned last night CBS crossed the line.

      The story about how the draft might be re-instated does not even have arguable legitimacy.  It is nothing but a deliberate attempt to scare women and young people into voting for Kerry.

      I just sent the following letter to my local CBS affiliate:

    I previously wrote you concerning the "memogate" scandal.

    I'd hoped that, with CBS News finally admitting that they couldn't verify the memos, we could put all this behind us.

    I was wrong.  Last night, CBS News attempted to throw the election to Kerry by running a phony story about how the evil Republicans are planning to revive the draft.  This story is a pile of reeking horse manure, only being publicized because the desperate Kerry campaign has fastened on it in an attempt to stave off electoral disaster.

    I realize that you had nothing to do with this producing this Goebbles-like exercise in dishonesty; I respect the [suppressed] News team's local coverage; but your station is carrying CBS News. In good conscience, I can not help them spread their lies. Therefore, effective immediately, I will no longer watch any program of any kind on your station or any station that airs a program featuring or otherwise employing Dan Rather, Richard Schlesinger, Linda Karas, Tom McEneny or Andrew Heyward.  I am sorry it has come to this, but "here I stand, I can do no other," and pretentious as that sounds, it is a measure of how seriously I take this issue.

      I also wrote Amazon, which had just mailed me a letter suggesting I buy DVDs of "CSI," and told them that I they must stop soliciting me for any program that ever ran on CBS, or I'd stop doing business with them.

      I am utterly serious about this.  I won't have anything to do with CBS any more, directly or indirectly, until they clean up their act.  Until they fire their propagandists, BOYCOTT CBS!

      Update: People blogging this story include Ratherbiased.com, Allah, Captain Ed, Drudge, The Blogfather, JustOneMinute, Polipundit, Powerline, Fedora Roger, Tim-Down-Under, and of course Quarterback Charles.  Special kudos to Swimmer bkm, for finding the only draft plan actually proposed this year: Kerry's.

      We should all take action on this, people.  CBS's action is just beyond the pale.



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