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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lefties: You're Not Quite Clear On the Concept

      Via Roger Simon and Betsy Newmark, I come across this article on leftists attempting to take over the Democratic Party.  This will begin right after Kerry's victory on Nov. 3rd.

      HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!

      OK, I'll try to control myself.  The article does discuss the possibility that W. will win, after all.

      Oh, never mind for a minute: HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!  HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!  Thank you, Lord, for brightening my day.  HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!  Kerry victorious!  Pope endorses prositution!  One's as likely as the other.

      Anyway, the leftists wish to take over the Democratic Party.  The idea is to model their coup on what we Conservatives did in taking over the Republican Party:
Beginning in 1964, said Borosage, after conservative Republican Barry Goldwater's landslide loss to Democrat Lyndon Johnson, key right-wing figures decided to rebuild the conservative movement from the ground up.

They recognized the importance of thinking big, planning long-term and building enduring institutions. Thus they went on to invest in think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and grassroots organizations like the Christian Coalition.

By 1980, the right had gained sufficient influence within Republican circles for its champion, Ronald Reagan, to win first his party's presidential nomination and then the general election.

Soon, the combination of Reagan's charisma and the right's continued activism -- and especially its subsequent creation of a right-wing media infrastructure dominated by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh -- had shifted the entire nation's political center of gravity to the right, in ways that remain obvious today.

The left now hopes to copy the right wing's success.

      Notice something missing there?  That's right, it's THE VOTERS.  Apparently, the left-wing activists haven't quite realized yet that they have to persuade people that their ideas are right correct.

      That's going to be quite a trick, since activists have been trying to create a viable USAmerican socialist movement for over a century, and have always failed.

      In the spirit of good will and fellow citizenship (no, really; this isn't ironic at all), I offer the left a bit of advice: start by asking yourselves where you went wrong, intellectually and politically.

      That's what the Conservative movement did.  We ended up realizing we'd never get rid of the New Deal, and moved on to issues like crime and defense, where we had a chance.  For that matter, we began to realize that the voters might have been smarter than we were on that pesky New Deal issue.  So I suggest you ask what ideas you have that you can't sell, and then consider that you may be wrong.

      Good Luck.  You're going to need it.



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