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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Looking Ahead

      Beldar has interesting thoughts on what will happen if (Oh, please, God, we're begging you) W. wins re-election.  He looks to more bipartisanship, possibly led by Hillary Clinton.  But aside from reining in pork, and promoting Bush's "Ownership Society" idea, he doesn't mention which issues he thinks need adressing.

      Me, I think the two most important areas we need bipartisan co-operation on are the linked issues of immigration and election reform.

      Many of our worst social problems are directly related to immigration.  Poverty, crime, illegitimacy, they're all worse among immigrants, including especially illegal immigrants (but not limited to them).  And failure to enforce the law always breeds contempt for that law and all law.

      There's also the related issue of terrorism control.  For many reasons, we need to make a serious effort to regain control of our borders.  And we have to decide what immigration policy we're really willing to enforce.

      To my mind, the most important issue we'll face after the election, aside from national security, is vote fraud.  This has become obscenely bad.  Huge numbers of people are registered to vote in multiple states, or registered to vote in multiple precincts, or under multiple names.  The Democrats seem to be especially bad at this, but they ain't alone.

      We all know the solution to this: either national ID, indicating whether someone is a citizen, or a legal immigrant (and if an immigrant, when the visa expires, if ever), or require proof of citizenship when registering to vote.  Plus, of course, national cross-referencing of voter registration lists.

      The idea of national ID grates on a lot of people who harbor romantic dreams of going underground and assuming a new identity, but the reality is that hardly any of us would ever have reason to do that, and most of those who do are crooks, parents dodging child support, illegal aliens, etc.  It's time to grow up and dispense with fantasies of concentration camps and underground resisitance.

      But however we adress this problem, it's urgent.  There are already lawyers lined up to dispute the election results.  If we're to continue to be a Republic, we have to stop this.

      Update, 0713, 10/28/04: Ann Althouse's son Chris verified that you don't need ID to cast an absentee ballot in Wisconsin.  And guess what?  There will be a Bruce Springsteen concert/Kerry rally in Madison, and afterwards, everyone is encouraged to go vote -- by absentee ballot. (hat tip, Instapundit).

      As Stephen Green recently said, the Democrats are turning us into a banana republic by undermining the electoral process.

      FEH, FEH!



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