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Thursday, October 28, 2004

OOPS!  We Did It Again, or "God is an Iron."

      It must be Hell to be in the MSM nowadays.

      Monday, the New York Times did it's almost-at-the-last-minute-but-we-rushed-to-get-the-scoop anti-Bush hit piece.  By Wednesday, we found out that the Iraqis had duplicate UN seals (see last update), meaning the explosives could have been stolen anytime.

      And this morning, I am informed that

      a): The 377 tons is down to 239, since most of the RDX was moved before the war.

      b): The seals were ineffective, since they had "ventilation slats on the sides," making it potentially possible to reach in and take stuff out without breaking the seal.

      c): The Russians may have helped the Iraqis move the stuff to Syria before the war.  In fact, that's where the Weapons of Mass Destruction may have gone too.

      Refresh my memory, will you?  Why is it we're supposed to vote for John Kerry?  Oh yeah, now I remember: because he knows the importance of working with allies, and international institutions.

      As Spider Robinson said, God has a wicked sense of irony.

      ROTFLMAO doesn't begin to cover this one.

      For all stories, hat tip Instapundit)

      Update, 0823, 10/28/04: Captain Ed has a link to a story in the Financial Times on the Russian Connection.  Deputy Under-Secretary of Defence John Shaw says:
In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Shaw said: “For nearly nine months my office has been aware of an elaborate scheme set up by Saddam Hussein to finance and disguise his weapons purchases through his international suppliers, principally the Russians and French. That network included. . . employing various Russian units on the eve of hostilities to orchestrate the collection of munitions and assure their transport out of Iraq via Syria.”

      The Russkis deny everything, of course.

      Captain Ed doesn't think much of the story, because he thinks the Russians wouldn't dare let their people take a chance of getting caught.  I disagree.  Spetsnaz are frequently trained to pull off such covert ops, just as our Special Forces are. His fellow blogger "Whiskey" does believe it, and she notes that the Russians pulled a bunch of "diplomats and journalists" out of Bagdhad on April 6th, sending the convoy through Iraqi-controlled territory to do it.  The Russians then went to Fallujah, where gunshot injuries were treated.

      HMM, could this be the old Russian trick of disguising spies and soldiers as diplomats and journalists?  The former Soviet Union (OOH!  I just LOVE to type "former Soviet Union") did it all the time.  They sure did seem to be eager to avoid the U.S. forces, didn't they?  Journalists from all over the world stayed in Bagdhad, but the Russians discovered an urgent need to be elsewhere.  "VERRRRRRRY INTERRESSSSTING!"



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