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Friday, November 05, 2004

War: The Dutch Are Not Clear on the Concept

      The Dutch Cabinet has announced that they are at war with Islamofacists. (hat tip: Peaktalk).

      I commented on that post (Stephen M. St. Onge (ip: 6 november 2004 - 0:19 uur, at the link above), saying, basically, that I didn't believe it.  "War means fighting, and fighting means killing."  I didn't think the Dutch planned on killing people as part of this alleged new war on terrorism, so it wasn't really a war.

      "Arjan," who appears to be the person running the site (I just visited it for the first time today) gave me a nice polite response, showing, alas, that he misses my point.

      First, he said that the Netherlands has some troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank his country on behalf of my country.  We remember our friends.  But the Dutch had those troops there before this "formal declaration of war."  So the Netherlands isn't planning "to kill a single human being it did not intend to kill before that declaration was made," as I said in those comments.

      Now, the reason the Dutch are "declaring war," is that a Dutch film maker was murdered, one Theo Van Gogh.  Mr. Van Gogh had made a documentary about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim woman living in the Netherlands who protested the oppression of women in Islam.  As a result, she received death threats.  In fact, a letter to her was left at Van Gogh's body, threatening her too.  She's been living with special security provided by the Dutch govt.  The Islamofascists couldn't get to her, so they got to Van Gogh.

      And of course, Van Gogh isn't the first person murdered in the Netherlands because he criticized Islam.  Pim Fortuyn was also murdered, and for the same reason.

      So what do the new "war measures" consist of:

• More money for the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD
• More legal possibilities to combat terrorism
• A thorough review of existing counter-terrorism laws to see if they need to be amended or supplemented
• A new law which will make it possible to take away Dutch nationality from a terrorist who has both the Dutch and a second nationality
• Better government protection for people who may be at risk of a terrorist attack.

That ain't war, that's law enforcement.  And of course, none of those convicted of terrorism will be executed.

      No killing, you notice.

      In his reply to me, Arjan also said he " removed the last sentence of your message, since it looked like a signature, since it didn't have any relation with the rest of your message, and since the same sentence can be found in about - oh well - quite a few places on your blog, which you are welcome to shamelessly promote."  The sentence in question was of course "THE SAUDS MUST BE DESTROYED!"  I append that sentence to my posts here, to my comments on other websites, to most of my e-mail, to almost everything.  I do it because I believe that the House of Saud is the enemy of the United States.  They are the ones who fund the Islamic jihadis worldwide.  They are, ultimately, the people responsible for Sept. 11th, just as Hitler and the Nazi Party were ultimately responsible when some street thugs mugged a Jew, even if those thugs weren't part of the Nazi organization.  The Sauds' rulership over the Arabian Peninsula must be ended.

      Arjan doesn't think that "THE SAUDS MUST BE DESTROYED!" has anything to do with the rest of my message, but I disagree.  The people his country are declaring "war" on are supported and encouraged by the House of Saud.  The people endangering his country's troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are supported and encouraged by the Sauds(again, my country's thanks to the Netherlands for those soldiers).  So I'd say it has a good deal to do with my comment.

      Arjan also removed the post because he doesn't approve of me "calling for the annihilation of anyone on this website, especially large families."  Well, the people his country is now at "war" with are ready, willing, and able to annihilate his countrymen.  The Dutch may have to make a choice between the deaths of their citizens, and the deaths of members of the Saud family -- perhaps all the members of the Saud family.  It's not a choice Arjan seems to realize his country faces.

      I can't be too disappointed in him, or the Netherlands.  The United States of America has been at war with the Islamofascists since Nov. 4, 1979.  We didn't begin to realize it until 9/11, and even now there is doubt that we've really accepted that we must offer "No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender."

      If the Dutch really want to stop such murders, they should re-instate the death penalty for terrorism, and smear Muslim murderers with pork just before hanging them.  And a few bombs in Riyadh, and assaninations of Saudi royals, again with pork contact, is also recommended.  That would be war.

      Update: In the comments, "Towering Barbarian" reminds me that Fortuyn was killed by an "animal rights activist," not a Muslim.  My bad.  (Funny, I thought humans were animals, and thus killing one was a violation of an animal's rights.)  And Michael tells me that "Arjan" may be a female.  If so, I hope no offense was given by referring to her as 'him.'

      Update to update, Dec. 13th, 2004: In a reference I've lost (and which wasn't original in any case), someone said that the "activist" who murdered Fortuyn told the Dutch court he did it because, among other things, he disapproved of Fortuyn's views on Muslims.  More perhaps when I have the energy for a web search.



  • Arjan may be a girl you know. I'm a Fleming (Dutch-speaking Belgian; Belgium is The Netherlands's southern neighbour) and "Arjan" is, afaik, mostly used for girls.

    Personally, while I do not recommend reducing the Saudi Royal Palace reducing to rubble (this could never be sold politically, even though it is true KSA is the head of the snake), I do recognize the need to confront the Saudi government and the Royal Family in a rather brutal manner, albeit far from cameras, with a simple choice: stop hatemongering or face the consequences. Which could be: accelerated withdrawal of all kinds of technical, financial and military aid. We can miss them, they can't miss us. I'm thinking here of the choice Musharraf was allegedly offered after 9/11: cooperate in the WOT, or else!

    By Blogger Michael, at 4:45 PM  

  • Uh, Steve? I seem to recall Mr Fortuyn being murdered by a fellow Dutchman rather than by a Moslem and this article would seem to bear me out. ^_^;


    There are some things even Moslem terrorists don't deserve to be blamed for, and being an animal rights activist is near the top of the list. ^_~

    By Blogger Towering Barbarian, at 4:10 AM  

  • Michael:

          "accelerated withdrawal of all kinds of technical, financial and military aid"?  You have a plan for persuading France, Germany, Russia and China into this?  Or even the U.S.?  Not to mention millions of individuals?

          "Money talks, bullshit walks."  There is no way anyone with the financial resources of the House of Saud can be cut off from the world that way.  The Sauds can and will hire the foreigners they need to keep their technology working.

          History demonstrates (see "Stalin, Joseph") that some people can only be stopped by the threat of killing them, and that some (see "Hitler, Adolf") only by actually killing them.  If the Netherlands doesn't figure that out, it's civilization will be destroyed.

    By Blogger Stephen M. St. Onge, at 4:28 AM  

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