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Saturday, December 18, 2004

And Your Point Is?

      Newsweek reports (hat tip, Clayton Cramer) that some Democrats are trying to find some "middle ground" on the abortion issue.  Maybe concede that "partial-birth" abortions are an abomination, for example.

      The very thought has some other Democrats up in arms:
"If we try to be fake Republicans, that's not going to work," says Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, co-chair of the House pro-choice caucus. "It would be a cynical political move."

      So?  After the organized feminists tried to kill Clarence Thomas's nomination on the grounds that he'd talked dirty to Anita Hill, then defended Bill Clinton's exposing himself to Paula Jones and trying to get sexual favors from her, just whom do they expect to repell with cyncism?

      But if the "pro-choice" crowd wants to be honest and straightforward, they could say out loud that you'd rather see the Democratic Party die than have it compromise on abortion.

      Yeah, right.  That'll be the day.



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