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Monday, December 13, 2004

Withdraw from the UN: a letter to the New York Post

      After reading Mr. Sullivan's comments on the UN, I'd like to endorse his analysis while saying that he still misses one essential point.

      The UN was founded on a false idea, namely that it didn't matter whether a country had free elections or not.  Of course, no one was so gauche as to say that out loud, but initially the only requirement for joining was that a state had declared war on Hitler in a timely-enough fashion.  So the totalitarian Soviet Union, now collapsed and gone (OOH! I just LOVE typing "Soviet Union, now collapsed and gone"!), the dicatorial China of Chiang Kai-Shek, the imperialist France and Great Britain, and the democratic Republic that was and is the United States of America would cooperate in keeping the world peaceful.  Everyone would always agree that invading a foreign country or interfering in another country's internal affairs was the ultimate sin, and anyone who did it would immediately be crushed by the UN.  Or if not everyone, the permanent members of the Security Council and enough of the non-permanent members to make a majority would always agree on this, and they'd act as the world's policemen.  In addition, a majority of the world's governments would agree on measures to make the world a better place.  They'd vote for these measures in the General Assembly, the world's governments would pay turn over tax money to pay for said measures, and everything would improve everywhere.

      There was never any chance this would happen.  The unamimous testimony of history in all times and places, and of anthropology for the period before history, is that some people will kill to get money and power, and others will lie and scheme to obtain the same ends.  Any govt. controlled by killers or schemers will use the UN to further its desires at the expense of the UN's ostensible goals of peacekeeping and world improvement.  This makes the UN inherently unworkable.  The best it can do be a support for "stability," that is, repel thuggish dictators who invade foreign countries while allowing them to tyrannize their own populations.  And in its entire history, the UN has only managed to accomplish that twice.  The rest of the time, its been little but a means to line the pockets of the world's kleptocrats.

      It is long since past time that we recognized the United Nations as an egregiously bad idea.  We should withdraw from the institution, expel it from our territory, and leave it as the plaything of fools and knaves.



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