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Friday, January 21, 2005

Bad History As Disinformation

      I'm in the hospital, in Minnesota, and have a room mate.  The room mate was chatting with his nurse, and they were talking about Iraq.

      First, they started to say that it was horrible, the people being killed over there.  They weren't very clear as to who these people are, and who was doing the killing.  I thought when they said "the killed," they were referring to those who were trying to hold an actual election.

      Then, up came the subject of Viet Nam.  Didn't people remember it?  Yeah, I remember it.  I remember we had the war won, with the native guerrillas mostly destroyed, infiltration was down, and the North attempting an invasion with tanks that was destroyed by S. Vietnamese forces supported by U.S. and S. Vietnameses airpower.  Then, the defeatists got control of Congress, and forbade us to help S. Viet Nam, and the second armored invasion worked.

      I also heard the nurse say that the National Guard was being misused, that it was never intended for overseas deployment.  I think this would surprise a good many WWII vets, who went overseas as part of the National Guard.  Googling '"national guard" purpose' gives me links to pages that note the Guard is an outgrowth of the militia, sent abroad in the Wars with Mexico and Spain, as well as the World Wars.  This page on the Iowa National Guard also shows it as being part of the overseas deployment force.  The page also notes National Guard units deployed overseas in the Viet Nam and Korean wars.

      I don't know where my room mate and nurse picked up their misinformation, but they are just wrong.  It's the kind of myth made to serve a purpose, though, that of conning the populace.

      I didn't see any point in challenging my room mate and the nurse on this issue, tonite.  We all have other things to worry about.  But as citizens, it behooves us to be well informed, and to put down these myths.

      In more positive news, my IV was just disconnected (though the line is still in), and I get 'full liquids' for dinner.  PUDDING!  APPLESAUCE!



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