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Saturday, January 22, 2005

News bias, casually observed

      One of the dubious advantages of being in the hospital is hearing the news on TV.  For whatever reason, they don't have Fox, but they do have CNN and Headline News.

      On Headline News today, I heard a CNN reporter talking about Bush's inaugeral speech.  She made a reference to (quote approximate) "Bush's version of democracy."  Well well, just how many versions of democracy are there?  And what are the differences among them?  She didn't say.  And which version is President Bush's, and how did she discover that he holds it?  No clue there either.

      But the hostile tone was, imao, unmistakable.  This raises the question, "When did the Left decide it hated freedom and elected government?"  And the answer is, the Left was born hating them.  I'll be having a long post on that when I'm back home.

      Another piece of bias was displayed via the Gallup poll.  Of post-World War II Presidents, Bush had the lowest average approval rating over his term.  Allegedly, anyway.  I saw no figures for Harry S. Truman (let us pause a moment, to show respect for one of the great men of U.S. history, and probably our greatest 20th century President).  Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and G. H. W. Bush weren't mentioned either.  But the number one person on the list was -- President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  LBJ, the man who couldn't lose in '64, was so unpopular that he didn't try to run in '68.  Somehow, this didn't get mentioned.  Nor did I hear anything about why this approval rating was of any importance, especially given that W. just got re-elected.

      Nope, no liberal agenda here, nothing to see move along.



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