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Friday, January 07, 2005

Still Clueless After All These Months, part II

And here's a cartoon example:

Auth assininity

      Tony Auth shows how the MSM want to treat controversy.  He won't mention Crichton's statements about the falsity of "global warming" are footnoted to the scientific literature.  He just wants to implies that Crichton is lying.  And it works -- if you don't think for yourself, or check the other side of the story, or know how to use the web.

      But the number of people who do use the web keeps increasing, as does the number who read blogs.  Pew Research's latest survey of blogging, available in the Satanic PDF format here, shows 120 million people use the internet; 32 million (27%) read blogs, up 58% from last year.  loggers have grown from 3 to 7 percent of web users in 29 months, a 42% per year growth rate; If present trends continue, in about years, all internet users will be blog readers, and in a decade or so everyone in the US will be a blogger, except the illiterate.

      Meanwhile, for one of my mean-spirited bent, it's amusing to watch these fools shooting themselves in the gut.  Soon, they'll have less respect than the Weekly World News.  After all, the WWN's whoppers are amusing, and they don't try to persude you they're telling the truth.

      And as the MSM sinks slowly into the swamp, keep in mind that



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