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Monday, January 17, 2005

Strib bashing three: Aid imbecility and racism

      Never ones to give up when they're in the wrong, the Strib is still whining that the U.S. should give more govt. to govt. foreign aid.

      There's an article about that here. bemoaning the fact that the U.S., with a population pushing 300 million, only gives "a measly 13 cents a day per American," compared to say Norway, which donates $1.26 per Norwegian.  The figure has to be expressed that way, because if expressed as total dollars, the U.S. aid figure of about $14,000,000,00.00 per year would look too large compared to Norway's $2,000,000,000.00 per year.

      Utterly missing from this is any discussion of the fact that Norway is a NATO member, and therefore an attack on it is an attack on us, and therefore, Norway can spend only 60% as much on defense, per capita, as we do, 'cause we're there to take up the slack.  Nor is there mention of the fact that the money we're spending to relieve distress in the area hit by the tsunami is not being counted as foreign aid by the Strib.  Nor do the words "Iraq," "Saddam Hussein," or "Oil-for-Food scandal" show up.  The idea that foreign aid functions mostly as a subsidy for exporters and a way for kleptocrats to pad their bank accounts is not on the radar screen. The idea that aid frequently makes things worse is right out, although that case has been made before (Google it yourself, I'm tired).  There isn't even any consideration of what we would spend the extra $126,000,000,000.00 per year foreign aid on, and what effects it might have, if we were as "generous" as Norway.

      What is on the page is the Strib editorial board's attitude.  They don't need to ask themselves about results.  It would make them feel good if the govt. took more of our money.  If it actually made things worse for foreigners, killed them even, well, the lives of non-whites aren't a major consideration, next to depriving the USAmerican public of its freedom.

      In short, the Strib editorial board is composed of fascists.  Smug fascists, to boot.



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