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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Blast From the Past

      I found a copy of Eason Jordan's notorious 'We didn't report honestly from Baghdad,' essay here, and there's a very interesting paragraph in it:
Last December, when I told Information Minister Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf that we intended to send reporters to Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, he warned me they would "suffer the severest possible consequences." CNN went ahead, and in March, Kurdish officials presented us with evidence that they had thwarted an armed attack on our quarters in Erbil. This included videotaped confessions of two men identifying themselves as Iraqi intelligence agents who said their bosses in Baghdad told them the hotel actually housed C.I.A. and Israeli agents. The Kurds offered to let us interview the suspects on camera, but we refused, for fear of endangering our staff in Baghdad.

      Think about that.  Jordan knew that Saddam's regime tortured and murdered anyone who annoyed it.  He spends the previous six paragraphs of his op-ed saying so.  But when he really wanted a story, he endangered the lives of his people to get it.  And if you look at the Reporters Without Borders site, you find that almost all the reporters who've died in Iraq did so at the hands of the terrorists, or got caught in a crossfire during miltary operations against the terrorists.  Yet I've never heard of Jordan indignantly denouncing those scummy murderers.

      I wonder why not.



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