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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jimmy Carter: Traitor?

      I realize that's a strong word, but consider this:
John Hawkins: Let me ask you this: True or false -- Jimmy Carter's administration approached the Soviets and asked for help in getting elected in 1980?

Peter Schweizer: They did. They actually did it twice, in 1980 in the waning days of the election fearing that he would lose to Reagan. Carter sent an emissary to the Soviet embassy to meet with Anatoly Dobrynin and Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador, writes about this.

This is his account and basically the deal was: if you demonstrate some sort of grand gesture whereby it would make us look good and help us beat Reagan, we will return the favor; we'll give you something in exchange. The Soviets decided not to do it because at that point they thought Carter was so unpredictable and they thought that Reagan perhaps would end up being another Richard Nixon, somebody they could deal with, so they didn't take it.

In 1984, Dobrynin says that Carter approached him at the Soviet embassy and said that, you know, Reagan was a dangerous man who needed to be defeated and that he wanted to have them work together to accomplish those ends. So, you know, you have to say there's at the least an unusual and really quite horrific situation where an ex-President of the United States is pledging to work with our enemies on the international stage to defeat an incumbent President.

      I haven't verified this by checking Dobrynin's writings, but if Carter tried to conspire with the Soviets to influence our elections, that seems like treason to me.



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