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Monday, February 21, 2005

Pathetic, Funny Story From the Los Angeles Dog Trainer

      The Los Angeles Times, aka the the Los Angeles Dog Trainer since Patterico took after them, has done it again -- it being, made a fool of itself.

      The Dog Trainer has a column on Easongate.  Rearranging and summarizing a bit, it says (my words, remember):
Eason Jordan was in Davos, speaking off the record, when he said, well, damn!, I hate to admit this, said that the U.S. military has been deliberately killing journalists in Iraq.  He was immediately criticized, and tried to back down, but the story leaked into the blogosphere, and Jordan's craven bosses fired him.  This shouldn't have happened.  It was an innocent mistake, and he would have been allowed to apologize, or just ignore the whole incident, if it weren't for those evil right wingers.

      Those of you who've been following that story know that almost everything in the summary is false: Jordan has said similar things in the past; he apparently backed down only after Abovitz and Frank jumped on him; Jordan tells different stories to different audiences.

      And now, yet another mainstream media idiot has shown that he either doesn't know what the story is, or has decided to leave out facts to spin the piece in the desired way -- or both.  And now, we will jump on him, and inflict yet another wound on the MSM.

      This raises a good question for scientists: how did these institutions lose all sense of self-preservation?

(hat tip: Powerline)



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