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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Book Review: God's Politics

      This book's been on the best seller list, and it's supposed to address one of the big problems the Democrats have winning elections, namely the alienation of believing Christians from so much of modern liberalism.  It misses every point, hilariously.

      There's a chapter on terrorism that's full of windy rhetoric about not responding indiscriminately, ending global poverty, international co-operation, and treating the problem as a matter of enforcing international law.  The fact international law can't even agree what terrorism is goes unremarked.

      Saddam was a terrible person who deserved to be removed, but it should have been done non-violently, through sanctions, and the UN Security Council.  We needn't dwell on the fact that the Security Council contained members determined to keep Saddam in place at all costs, or review the Oil-for-Bribes-and-Palaces fiasco.

      There should be a consistent ethic of life: no capital punishment, and no abortion -- well, actually, abortion should continue, but we should say nasty things about it when we aren't re-affirming abortion on demand.

      As for gay marriage, well, we don't need to pay any attention to whatever the Bible or Christian theology might traditionally have said about homosexuality.  The issue is open to debate, as long as 'debate' is understood to mean talking endlessly while doing whatever the "gay marriage" crowd wants.

      In short, God is a liberal Democrat, and the Democratic Party platform is his revelation.  Glad to get that straightened out.  Why, I'm sure millions, well, thousands, hmmm, maybe two or three people will change their votes because of this impeccable blend of logic and theology.

      As for us Neanderthal Republicans who don't understand what God really wants of us, all we have to console ourselves with is the huge victory we'll be winning in the next election.

      There is one non-funny thing about this book: the thought that people will take this seriously as a religious view of politics.  If you take religion seriously (any religion, not just Christianity), then you must acknowledge that there are things you might want to do that you can't, because a higher authority than you forbids them, and that authority is rightGod's Politics starts with whatever liberals are willing to say out loud they believe this week, and then proclaims that higher authority requires it.  The intellectual dishonesty is stunning, and really rather sad.

      The book is worth flipping through to see what the Left will attempt to do to undermine the religious portion of the Right/GOP coalition, but don't waste your money, or a lot of time.



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