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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Don't Know my own Strength

      Visiting a web site where I'd left a comment, I found my pearls of wisdom on display -- except for my tagline about the necessity of destroying the Sauds.  That was gone, replaced with something like [line likely to cause violence removed by moderator].

      Wow!  It never occurred to me that people reading someone else's blog would jump onto a plane, fly to Saudi Arabia, and assault members of the Royal family, just because of what I'd written.

      But if someone does attack the Sauds because of moi, I'll send them a thank you card.  The Kingdom is the source of most of the money for Islamofascist terrorism, and a very large share of terrorists.  The murderers get this support, with the acquiescence of the Saudi Royal family, as a way of keeping their own corrupt autocracy in power.

      Three thousand died in New York, D.C., Pennsylvania.  Thirty thousand or so Saudi Royals would compensate nicely.

      So remember, tell your friends, family, and everyone you meet:



  • I don't know that I share your focus on destruction of the House of Saud. On the other hand, I definitely see the world as a better place without them. I am coming to appreciate strong opinions - even the "wrong" ones more than the Casper Milktoast opinions most people muster up. Don't misunderstand that I am putting you in the "wrong" category. Keep it up.

    By Blogger Ralph, at 9:07 AM  

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