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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Guest Blogging III

      And here's another from Frank.

Observation Mode

On Illegals

      I am in observation mode here.

      There is this problem in America.  It's Illegal Aliens.

      There is a current article that states that "over 3.000,000 Illegals cross the Mexican Border into America each year."

      That's a LOT of people.

      The Establishment of the Democratic Party seems not to recognize this as a problem. I suspect this is because there aren't that many Illegal Mexicans that get to the North East... And those that do, get jobs as Pool Boys, Gardeners and Housekeepers.  Also I suspect that the DMC is convinced that the Illegals will vote Democrat; Even if they are not suppose to vote, but something like that has never bothered the party of Tamany Hall and others of that ilk.

      However, the Republican National Party doesn't see a problem eeither... They also need Pool Boys, Gardeners and Housekeepers.

      It's different here in Arizona.  We have a surfeit of Mexicans and others looking for service jobs.  So now,as for the last 30 years these illegals are moving out of menial jobs and into the construction trades, out of the sweat shops and into real production.

      I have heard both Democratic and Republican administrations claim; that these people take jobs that Americans won't do.  THAT IS A LIE!

      Like any people, most Americans will take a job that feeds them IF they need it.  Minimum wage was NEVER meant to provide a "living wage", but to set a minimum that would be paid, to stop some of the more outrageous forms of wage exploitation.

      Actually a person CAN live on Minimum wage, IF they are willing to, not have a phone, Internet connection, car insurance, and eat more than 3 meat meals a week.  It also involves getting on various charitable food aid lists, but it can be done.  I know, I've done it.

      I didn't stay with those jobs long.  I was more than willing to look for something better and take it when it came along, even though I hated the job, because it would mean more money to look for a better job with.

      But back to the illegals.

      One of the complaints is, that the various US Government Engineering resources are now not available and haven't been available for the last 2 years.  It's the Iraq thing you know... yeah, I know. I also know that there are LOTS of Illegal criminals housed at a cost of over $30,000 a year in state prisons.

      Can anyone see a connection here?

      Well, for those that can't, I propose that we make these illegals WORK for their room and board.  By building border blockades.  I for one would include a 10 meter deep, 20 meter wide ditch with lots of obstacles on the US side.

      Too expensive you say?

      I say NOT!

      First of all, this is a job to be done with something the illegals do not need to be trained at.  Pick and shovel... (and wheelbarrow, but that may be a bit advanced for some.)  Concrete can be mixed by hand Forms can be built by hand.

      Housing you say?  I say TENTS!

      If someone runs off, across the border to escape such "cruel" and Unusual" punishment, I would instruct the guards to wave good bye as they leave.

      Notes would be made and published on an inter Agency notice that the person who ran is an escaped prisoner and should be given an extra 20 years to their sentence in what ever state they get re-apprehended in.

      This might not end the problem, but would sure slow it down.

Frank Gasperik

      And me again.

      I share Frank's disgust at the nonsense the politicians put out about the immigration situation.

      I think immigration is good for the U.S., but any country needs to control its own borders.  And while I'm quite happy to admit some immigrants, the idea that any number of people can flood in here whenever they want is sheer idiocy.  Any system has a limit to how fast it can adapt to change.

      Our borders are uncontrolled because the politicians in Washington want it that way.  We should let them know we won't put up with this any longer.

      Update, March 3rd: Instapundit links to this article, about Islamofascist terrorists in Arizona, slipping across the weakly defended border.  Yet another reason to get our act together and regain control of OUR country.

      Update, March 4th: And here's a story of an actual terrorist who entered the country illegally from Mexico.



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