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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Living in Fantasyland

      Bill Quick of Daily Pundit has formed the American Liberty League, seeking to create:
an interest group of moderates and libertarians who become crucial to the balance of power.

      In it's way, this is just like the left-wing "revive the class-war" group of Democrats I blogged about yesterday.  The reason the govt. keeps increasing spending is because most of the public wants spending increased.  The ALL wants to stop this, and figures it can do this by building up enough supporters to be able to decide close elections.

      Dream on.  The support the ALL will offer will be offset by the support the swing voters give the other side.  There are more of those swing voters, so they will have the whip hand.

      The only way to restrain Congressional spending is first, convince the public it is too high; so dangerously high that they're willing to see whatever programs they want most suffer budget cuts if that's what it takes to control spending.  Second, pass Constitutional Amendments that force Congress to set tax-and-total-spending levels before they pass individual bills.

      Good luck.

      Quick has other priorities, such as stopping illegal immigration, ethnic profiling at airports, etc., that the public isn't willing to support either.

      One of the great, enduring forms of madness in the Western world since the 17th century is the inability to realize that other people really have different points of view.  The whole idea of the "General Will," found in Rousseau and other European philosophers, is that a deep level everyone agrees.

      In Europe, this led to totalitarianism.  Since everyone "really" wants X, forcing it on the people is actually democratic!  In the U.S. and other countries with actual elections, it merely leads to defeat at the polls.

      And by the way, in case you forgot, WE'RE FIGHTING A WAR!  To get what he needed for that war, Bush had to ignore the less important goals.  That remains true today.  It would have been nice if Bush had vetoed the Medicare drug bill, but it would have been disastrous not to have invaded Iraq.  Quick and co. don't have their priorities straight.

      The final thing wrong with the ALL is the idea that it can stay unified enough to provide swing vote in elections, and actually deliver that vote.  Does the phrase 'herding cats' ring any bells.

      It may be fun to watch this movement fail, but the time isn't right for serious spending control.  The public doesn't care enough yet.



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