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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Myth of Media Bias

      There is no media bias against the GOP or the President.  How did you ever get such a silly idea?

      Let me demonstrate the objective, unbiased journalism we enjoy.

      From the Bayou Buzz, this two week old story:
According to a just-released poll, three-fifths of voters age 55 and older believe that offering personal retirement accounts to younger workers is a good idea, so long as nothing changes in their own Social Security benefits, with AARP members slightly more likely to say personal accounts are a good idea than non-AARP members, according to a new poll released today.

      And from the Washington Post today, this story about the AARP and its objection to individual accounts as part of Social Security reform (on page two, well into the story):
"When AARP has a consensus among its members, it's difficult to stop," said James A. Thurber, a lobbying expert at American University. "On this issue it has a consensus."

In late 2003, however, AARP shocked official Washington and much of its membership by backing Bush's drive to add a prescription-drug benefit to Medicare. The support helped the legislation to become law, but it also led to the resignation of 70,000 AARP members and angered Democratic members of Congress who had considered AARP a reliable partner.

This time around, AARP won't take its members' loyalty so lightly, Novelli said. Its in-house polling division will take surveys and conduct focus groups before the organization takes any new stand on Social Security changes.

      Good thing we have an unbiased press.  A biased press might try to feed us phony stories about the state of public opinion on the Social Security issue.  It might let us think that the AARP would take positions without consulting its members, or even positions in opposition to its members.  Thank Ghod that will never happen.

      (Hat Tip: AnkleBitingPundits)



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