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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The New Confederates

      There's an excellent post on the Democrats up over at Powerline.  Commenting on the fact that so many Democrats still have lawn signs and bumper stickers up fighting the last election, or even the one before that, Hindrocket says:
It seems to me that many Democrats--not a majority, probably, but certainly most of the party's core--have gone into a state of permanent opposition. No election is ever over. No administration not favored by them can ever be legitimate. This is, I think, something new in American history--or modern history, anyway.

      Not quite.  It was the way the slave states that tried to secede acted for over a century, and the position their dwindling supporters still try to pull: 'Oh no, we didn't secede because of slavery!  Where did you get that idea?  We were defending very important constitutional rights that were threatened by the North, etc., etc, blah blah blah.'

      The Democrats are the New Confederates.  Their position is right, and above debate; whatever is deemed necessary for their political success is constitutionally required, whatever would oppose their policies is unconstitutional.  It's no coincidence that Barbara Boxer has become a big fan of former Ku Klux Klan recruiter Robert Byrd.  As the Klan wished to prevent non-whites from voting in the southern U.S., the current Democrats wish to keep the non-whites from real elections outside the U.S., and for the same reason: them darkies can't be trusted to vote correctly.

      Their affinity for Jew haters, sometimes called "anti-Semites," is also telling.

      By the way, if you ever want to find out why the Confederate States attempted to secede, you need only read what they said at the time, which was: 'We have to get out, or slavery is doomed.' A good starting place is The Avalon Project's Confederacy States Documents, and then you can follow up with Apostles of disunion : southern secession commissioners and the causes of the Civil War by Charles B. Dew.  See what the disunion party said, in its own words.



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