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Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh, Intelligence, Where is thy Sting?

      The dumbkopfs at the New York Times still don't get it.

  They published a story about the resignation of the president of the University of Colorado.  It starts well, as they note the scandals in the athletics department that have been going on for some time.

      Then they mention the Churchill controversy.  Contemplate this gem:
Ms. Hoffman has also been criticized for her statements about Prof. Ward L. Churchill, who wrote an essay after the Sept. 11 attacks in which he compared American foreign policy to Nazi Germany's. In that essay, he also referred to the dead in the twin towers as "little Eichmanns" who bore a share of the blame for United States policy and the terrorist attacks.

The professor's writings had attracted little attention until January when he was invited to speak at Hamilton College in upstate New York. The college and a handful of other schools canceled Professor Churchill's appearances, citing security concerns.

Ms. Hoffman told the university's faculty assembly last week that Professor Churchill would not be fired if the review turns up only inflammatory comments, not misconduct.

She also said she feared a "new McCarthyism" was responsible for the uproar over his essay.

A decision about whether he exceeded the boundaries of academic freedom is expected next week.

      If you've been following this story, you know that Churchill is accused of gaining his appointment by falsely claiming to be an Amerind; of stealing other people's art work; of lying in his "scholarly" work.  The Times doesn't mention that, and still thinks that if they don't mention it, the public won't know.

      Flat out incompetence, or editing as lying? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

      But make sure your friends understand that they can't depend on the MSM to give them the facts.

Update: The Rocky Mountain News shows what an accurate description of the Churchill mess looks like:
Churchill stands credibly accused of ethnic fraud, grade retribution, falsification of the nature of his military service, academic fraud, plagiarism, selling other artists' creations as his own and falsely accusing Denver Post columnist Diane Carman of inventing incendiary quotations.



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