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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Paranoia is Fun!

      Been thinking about Sgrena, her kidnapping, and this story, and I got to wondering:

      Was this woman really kidnapped?  Or did she stage it all?  The Italian govt. paid ransom before to get Iraqis released.  She is a Communist and anti-American.  Why not get in touch with the terrorists, fake danger to her life, and arrange a pay off that will help them kill more of our troops (not to mention Iraqis who don't know their place)?

      Or am I just in need of anti-psychotic medications?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!



  • Stephen,
    Look, this Italian Communist reporter is not up to such convaluted maneuvers (arranging for her own kidnapping). You are the second to suggest that to me.
    If you read the remembered remarks of the reporter who flew into Baghdad with her and her two CP friends. It should be plain that she's just a 'ditz'.
    If you've read her accounts of the Fallujah battle, with all the poison gas, napalm and assorted 'war crimes' by US troops.
    Or if you've read of her inference that in the original battle for the Baghdad Airport, that the US may have used small nuclear weapons.
    In the near present, she keeps shifting her story(s). All this adds up to a person who is a 'magical thinker' (as well as a Stalinist). Who knows what she will come up with next? Confessing eternal love for Michael Moore? More to the point, who cares?
    In a related matter, the Italian Govt.(headed by a real jerk) has announced a draw down of their soldiers in Iraq. Time to ask them all to go home, as they have accomplished nothing in Iraq, except to embarrass themselves, their allies and their gument.


    By Anonymous Gerry, at 9:11 PM  

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