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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Stupidity of the Day: It's a Horserace!

      The Gorbachev Foundation held a "World Political Forum on Perestroika" recently in Turin, and the nonsense seems to have flowed like a river.  Our two contestants for Stupidity of the Day both address this pointless subject.

      Our first contestant is Eric Hobsbawm.  Hobsbawm's a former apologist for Stalinism.  Writing in The Guardian, he regrets the fall of the Soviet Union (OOH! I just love to type "fall of the Soviet Union!"), and, now that his utopian dream has collapsed, hates the utopian dream of the triumph and spread of democracy.  There's plenty of stuff about the "hope" the USSR represented, "social injustice," the evil instability that now afflicts us, and the usual left wing blather.

      But it doesn't win the prize.  In the end, Hobsbawm admits the Soviet Union was doomed, probably by 1970.  The corruption of the nomenklatura doomed it.

      The winner is Stephen F. Cohen.  Long an apologist for various Soviet regimes, and absurd under estimator of Ol' Joe's mass murders, Cohen is mad as Hell that the Soviet Union is gone, and that the U.S. is doing so well.  If it weren't for the evil Yeltsin, Bush 41, and Clinton, perestroika would have socialism work.

      This screed appeared in The Nation.  How appropriate.  The magazine spent the twentieth century praising mass murder and totalitarianism, and now pines for the worst fallen totalitarian of all.

      Congratulations, Cohen.  You're the dumbest thing I've come across today, and that's saying a lot.



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