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Monday, March 14, 2005

Stupidity of the Day

In an otherwise interesting article on health care in the New York Times, the following appears:
Right-wingers go for a market approach -- it's not the technology they object to, but people's cheap access to it. If people paid for their own angioplasties, so the theory goes, they would have fewer of them. This is the theory behind Bush's health savings accounts, initiated during his first term: let people buy insurance from their own (tax-sheltered) pockets.

Apart from the obvious objection that low-income people find it hard to save for those accounts, Cutler points out another shortcoming: Most of the dollars spent on health care are spent on people with serious illnesses or conditions. Those with coverage quickly move into the territory covered by insurance. Few people really pay for their own angioplasties, so few care what they cost.

      Well, DUH!  If you don't pay for something, you don't pay for it!  Why didn't we wingnuts notice that?

      Oh, yeah, we did.  That's the POINT, you moron!  We want to get away from the "I don't pay for it, so who cares what it costs or how much I use it" mentality.

      There is some interesting stuff on health care and its improvement in the article.  Read it if you're interested in possible ways of improving health quality.

      There's also plenty more bias.  Digging that out is left as an exercise for the reader.



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