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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Urge to Make a Fool of Oneself

      A good example can be found in Mark Kleiman's posts, especially here.

      Kleiman doesn't know any real details of the Schiavo case, and he accepts whatever he's heard that will fit into whatever he already believes (beliefs based not on evidence, but something else).  An egregious example is Kleiman's belief that Terri Schiavo can't swallow.  Michael Schaivo wants that believed, because otherwise she'd be spoon fed and might not die.

      Kleiman also knows he wants to bash Bush.  So he keeps harping on the "Futile Care" law Bush signed as Gov. of Texas.

      According to the accounts I've read, prior to the law Texas hospitals were pulling the plug on patients with only 72 hours notice to the family.  The only appeal was to the hospital ethics committee.  In that 72 hours, the family had to try to appeal, and try to find another facility to take the patient.

      The law Bush signed made the time limit start after the appeal to the hospital ethics committee, extended the time to find a new facility to 10 days, and allows a judge to order further extensions.  In short, it limited what the hospitals could do to cut off care.

      Said accounts also say that Bush signed this law because it was the best he could get.  He'd earlier vetoed one that endorsed the "three days and you're dead" procedure.

      Terri Schiavo might be quite conscious of what's going on, but who cares?  Not Kleiman.



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