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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

You Read it Here First?: Rathergate Two

      From Human Events Online, with a Hat Tip to Drudge, another Dan Rather scandal.

      Remember the Elian Gonzalez story?  During it, Rather interviewed Elian's father, Juan Miguel.

      The story claims:
In Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant, author Humberto Fontova reveals for the first time how Dan Rather's "60 Minutes" interview with Juan Miguel (Elian Gonzalez's father) was stage-managed by former Clinton lawyer and friend, Gregory Craig.

According to a Cuban-American translator from the U.S. Treasury Department: "The questions for Juan Miguel were actually fed to Dan Rather by Gregory Craig. After a taping session, Craig would call Dan over, give him some more instructions and exchange papers with him. Then Dan would come back on the set and ask those."

The book reports that during the interview Craig acted like the movie director and even got a bona fide dramatic actor to translate and mouth the responses of Miguel.

      What liberal media?  The one on broadcast channels.

      Be fun to read the reaction of all those people who claimed the media was hard on Clinton.  I can see it now:

      I also look forward to reprising all those contemporary stories questioning Clinton's decision to send Elian back to Cuba.

      Meanwhile, CBS finally paid off Josh Howard.  Neither he nor the network would comment on the settlement.  I guess the public has a right to know, but only what the networks want us to know.



  • MSM has been censoring the "news" at least 56 years. Best recent example is the good news in the war on terror. Never hear it from the MSM. All they would report was the DNC party line "quagmire". To get the truth you had to go to the Aussie blog (Chernkoff or Chehkoff). I was not totally suprised at the success seen recently on the War on Terror; but if I had relied on the disinformation the MSM put out from 03 - 05 I would not believe what has happened the last 3 months.
    Rod Stanton

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 AM  

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