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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Democrats, Republicans, and Gays

      Ace has a funny post about Bill Clinton's condemnation of a gay Republican as "self-loathing":
. . . the implication here is that gay Republicans are self-loathing because the party, as a whole, objects to gay marriage.

Well, look, Bill, you did sign DOMA, didn't you? Not really a profile in courage if you really wanted to advance the cause of gay marriage. And Kerry, your wife, etc. -- just about anyone who doesn't have a cushy liberal Congressional district containing more Starbucks than hardware stores -- is against, at least on paper, gay marriage as well.

I hate this game the Democrats play. They want to claim they're really, really pro-gay-marriage or pro-minority-quotas, and they use that as a cudgel with which to beat Republicans, but, at the end of the day, damnit, if they don't usually end up voting pretty much the same way Republicans do.

I guess we all know they're lying, and that they really would like to advance these "progressive" causes, but can't due to political considerations, and so they claim to be all moderate 'n stuff and against these hot-button initiatives.

But honestly-- of what value is dishonesty and cravenness? And it's not like Republican office-holders don't face similar political considerations. If dishonesty and cravenness are virtues, then there an awful lot of Republicans, too, who deserve gay votes.



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