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Monday, April 18, 2005

I Like Jerry

      Jerry Brown, that is.  "Governor Moonbeam," former Governor of California, current Mayor of Oakland, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of California.

      Here's an example of why I like him.  On his blog (yes, he has one), he writes:
California Democratic Convention: Day Two

Howard Dean fired up the troops tonight. He spoke about moral values and talking in a language that ordinary Americans could understand. The audience went wild.

There is something strange, though, in this rush to "morals."

Morals represent tradition and custom. In this brave new century, tradition and custom are replaced by fashion and hype. The past is for reactionaries, we are told. Science, technology and the ever-expanding GDP will solve our problems. Yet, no society can hang together without a proper balance between stability, respect for the old ways and openness to the new. In our time—2005—we are way out of balance. Question: who gets it?

      Now, what other politicians ask questions like that, and invite your comments?  None that I know of.

      I was enrolled in the Republican Party before birth, and usually voting for a Democrat makes me physically ill.  But if I were still an Angelino, I might vote for Jerry as Attorney General, and not feel a twinge of discomfort.



  • I have been following his posts recently with somewhat the same thoughts you have - and being still a Californian- I could vote for him if is comes up. Incidentally, we were talking about the Mayor with an art gallery owner in San Francisco over the weekend (from the way he was talking, he may actuall live in Oakland) but he observed that Jerry had gotten married and stated that these days you need to be married to succeed. Unlike when he was governor.

    By Blogger Ralph, at 7:28 PM  

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