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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Iraq News: a Warning for Us

      Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette links to Los Angeles Times story about teenagers joining Islamofascist terrorist groups.  The one the Times concentrates on was 13 (thirteen) when he went to Syria to start terrorist activities.

Salah, the son of African immigrants, remains a fugitive two months after police here broke up the alleged terrorist cell. His odyssey is a drastic example of a trend, investigators say: Not only are Islamic extremists in Western Europe radicalizing faster, they are also younger than ever. . . .

"Iraq is the motor," said a senior French anti-terrorism official, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. "It's making them all go crazy, want to be shaheed [martyrs]. The danger of suicide attacks in Europe and the United States increases as you have younger guys who are fervent and easily manipulated." . . .

The jihadi homeboys have become the talk of the streets here. Not a good sign, Sakho said, at a time when global conflicts stir youthful imaginations, when kids grow up faster than ever.

"There are kids in this neighborhood who admire them for making a name for themselves," he said. "We don't want them to become heroes."

      Greyhawk compares Salah to Jeff Weise, the Amerind kid who shot up the school in MN recently.

      The U.S. needs to be aware of this.  In part it's good news: the insurgency in Iraq is going badly if they need kids that young to take part.  In part it's bad news: we have Muslim immigrants, and some of them could be recruited to set up terrorist cells here.

      Read all of both.



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