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Friday, April 15, 2005

Jerry Pournelle on the Public Fool System

      I came to this conclusion myself, some years back, after reading about the beginings of Progressive Education:
      The REAL purpose is to see to it that the children of the wealthy stay on top, allowing a few upstarts to climb up but providing a real head start for those who can afford to send their kids to real schools instead of the horrors that the public system generates.  In some communities the local public schools will be fine; in most, only those who send their children to private schools will be sure of getting them enough education to be competitive with the children of the rich.  THIS IS HOW IS IS SUPPOSED TO WORK.

      If you don't believe it is intended to work this way, ask yourself what, if you were wealthy and knew your kids weren't really any brighter than the others around them, you would do to give your children an edge, a head start, a leg up.  Be sure to keep your intentions concealed since you do not want the mugs to catch wise and upset the system. Design me a method to give your kids an edge.

      You'll come up with something like this, and throw in No Child Left Behind to be sure that none in the public schools Get Ahead. Won't you?



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