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Friday, April 15, 2005

      The Great One, Mark Steyn, has a new column on the outsourcing of services overseas, including this laugh:
      I recently hired someone from several time-zones away to provide certain administrative and managerial services. I opted for someone halfway round the world for the same reason as those hospitals: it’s a way for a small operation to become a round-the-clock one. We do what the radiologists do: let our distant colleague know what we want every evening, and it’s there when we start work in the morning. It has some disadvan-tages — I can’t get drunk and hit on her at the office Christmas party. On the other hand, I could fly out there and hit on her over Labor Day just with the money I save outsourcing my tax return to Bombay.

      And also this serious bit:
      Ireland managed to persuade its wandering sons of Erin to return. Imagine if China did the same. For two generations, as fertility rates have nose-dived in the West, the complaceniks of Canada and Western Europe have clung to the assumption that they can go on using the Third World as a farm team and denude developing societies of their best and brightest. Even if one accepts this as enlightened and progressive rather than lazy and selfish, how could anyone seriously credit it as a long-term strategy on which to pin the viability of Euro-Canadian welfarism? The most vital economic resource is people, and that’s the one thing much of the Western world is running out of. The anti-globalists can demonise sovereign states and sovereign companies — the Dells and other multinationals — but we’re entering the age of the sovereign individual, and that will be a lot harder for the anti-glob mob to attack. By 2010, a smart energetic Chinaman or Indian will be able to write his own ticket anywhere he wants. How attractive will the prospect of moving to the European Union and supporting a population of geriatric ingrate Continentals be? Not just compared with working in America or Australia but with the economic opportunities in his own country?

      Read it all, then go to SteynOnline and bookmark it if you haven't already.



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