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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Republicans, and republicans, Democrats and democrats

      We are not all supposed to be Republicans here in the U.S., but we are all supposed to be republicans, as the Constitution stipulates a republican form of government at the both the federal and state levels.

      The Constitution does not require democracy, but it does allow it, and the people have elected representatives who required a democratic republic in the U.S.

      But now, the Democratic Party has renounced Republicanism, republicanism, and democracy.  The people have elected a President and Senate.  The President has nominated various people to be federal judges, as the Constitution permits and requires.  The Senate, as the Constitution requires, is ready to give or withold its advice and consent to these nominees.  But members of the Democratic Party defy the will of the people who elected the President and the Senate by blocking a vote on some of the President's judicial nominees.

      If you consult the Democratic National Committee's own history of the party, it says "Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party in 1792 as a congressional caucus to fight for the Bill of Rights and against the elitist Federalist Party."  Today, the Democrats have become elitists and hypocrites.  If they had any shred of integrity left, they'd say outright: 'We can't find eleven members of the Republican majority in the Senate who agree with us that these nominees are unqualified.  If we could, we'd vote them down in the regular fashion.  Instead, we'll filibuster.'  They are thoroughly disgusting.

      But the Republicans are almost as bad.  If they had any courage, the Republicans would deal with the "must pass" appropriations bills, then bring the nominees to the floor, and refuse to consider any other business till the votes happened.  They'd force the Democrats to have members standing on the floor at all times, droning on in front of television cameras, making it clear that they were pure obstructionists.  Alternatively, the Republicans would change the rules to stop filibusters of nominees.

      It's past time for the Repulican senators to decide whom they are responsible to.  If the answer is 'the electorate,' then they enforce or change the rules.  If the answer is 'not the electorate,' they we must remember this and vote them out of office at the next three elections.



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