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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Theocrats are Coming!  The Theocrats are Coming!

      There's a mini-kerfuffle over the fact that Bill Frist will take part in a telecast April 24th, saying that the Democrats are opposed to judges who are "people of faith."  Well, aren't they?

      For decades, liberals & leftists have counted on the courts to create policies that they can't get the voters and their elected representatives to back.  Many of those policies involved outraging the religious sentiments of the USAmerican people.

      Now, with conservatives in control of the Presidency and the Senate, liberals and leftists face the possibility that the federal judiciary will not only not be on their side, but actively opposed to them.  This would mean that the left would have to sell their policies at the polls -- something they plainly don't think they can do.

      So there's all kinds of talk about religious fanatics, and one would think the end of the Republic was in sight.  And there's all kinds of attempts to scare the Republicans out of doing what they said they would do when they ran for office.  No, no, a thousand times no, we must have 'moderate, mainstream' judges.

      As the left sees it, it's perfectly OK for lefties to interpret a "living constitution" in the light of the values of the USAmerican people, their own values, or even the values of foreigners, but that is a privilege reserved for the left, where it is an example of 'moderation.'

      The right's designated version of 'moderation' is to agree that whatever the left has done can not be undone, and to swing to the left once they get a federal judgeship.  The thought of a right-wingers living up to their expressed conviction is supposed to panic us.

      It just won't wash anymore.  The voters elected and re-elected Bush.  They denied the Democratic Party control of the Senate in six consecutive elections.  They expect to get what they voted for, and the panic-mongering won't take.



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