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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bill Whittle is Back

      And he's posted an interesting essay at Eject!Eject!Eject!, on the subject of those who want us to lose.

      But one thing I partially disagree with him on:
Here’s my thesis: Civilizations fall because they become so successful that their citizens become, over many generations of increasing security and prosperity, further and further away from the reality of the human condition. The quest for "better" becomes so successful that after a few generations of hard work and ingenuity we have nothing left but the quest for "perfect." More and more effort produces fewer and smaller results, because the quest for perfection is asymptotic. Perfection is unattainable.

      Partly true, but much of the attack on our civilization is done by people who lust for power.  Once, leadership was hereditary in Western Civilization, and if you weren't a noble, you had no political power.  Then the 'divine right of kings' was discredited.  Suddenly, the question of who rules was up for grabs.

      From the 'Enlightenment' onward, much of political philosophy and activism has come down to 'I want to rule, and I hate my society because I'm not in charge.'

      The Leftists aren't out of touch with reality. They're quite in touch with the only part of reality that really matters to them.  They don't run things around here, and they hate it.

      And they never will, either.  That's why the struggle has become so vicious.  It will only get worse.



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