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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Political Progress

      One of the things in this world I really, truly, like is the way the Left has taken over nearly all institutions of higher learning, and uses them in attempts to indoctrinate the student population.

      No, I'm not being sarcastic there.  Or at least not much.

      Back in the day, H. L. Mencken remarked somewhere that he didn't agree with socialism, but spent a lot of time reading left-wing professor's political thought.  Why?  Because back then, when a lefty spoke out, he risked losing his job on campus, and he, Mencken, had to respect that kind of courage and commitment.

      Yeah, I admire it myself.  And I think one of the reasons the Left came so close to taking over the world, intellectually, was precisely that courage and commitment.  Plus of course, most righties didn't reply to them effectively.  Intellectual argumentation over how to run society was not the Right's thing, precisely because so much of right-wing doctrine was based on respect for tradition and organic evolution.  The very idea of deciding how a society should be structured, using pure reason, was a left-wing idea.  It was only after centuries of getting its collective ass kicked, intellectually and politically, that the Right fought back on the intellectual plane -- and even then, most of the combat seems to have been in the Anglosphere, particularly the U.S.A.

      Now, the situation has reversed.  Consider the following from Roger L. Simon, who excerpts a post of K. C. Johnson (with a hat tip to Dr. Sanity for calling attention):
      The program at my own institution, Brooklyn College, exemplifies how application of NCATE's new approach [NCATE = National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education -- Fat Steve] can easily be used to screen out potential public school teachers who hold undesirable political beliefs. Brooklyn's education faculty, which assumes as fact that "an education centered on social justice prepares the highest quality of future teachers," recently launched a pilot initiative to assess all education students on whether they are "knowledgeable about, sensitive to and responsive to issues of diversity and social justice as these influence curriculum and pedagogy, school culture, relationships with colleagues and members of the school community, and candidates' analysis of student work and behavior." . . .

      Must prospective public school teachers accept a professor's argument that "white English" is the "oppressors' language" in order to enter the profession? In our ideologically imbalanced academic climate, the combination of dispositions theory and the new NCATE guidelines risk producing a new generation of educators certified not because they mastered their subject but because they expressed fealty to the professoriate's conception of "social justice."

      Pardon me, Professor, but I think this is great.  The Soviet Union tried this, and the result was to create a nation of cynics who paid lip service to whatever the Party said, while sneering behind the masks.  It was the intellectuals who were most anti-Communist at the end of the USSR.  (OOH! I just LOVE to type "at the end of the USSR"!  Hah, we got you, you bastards!)  And the now deceased USSR had the power of a totalitarian state to use to crush the opposition.

      Keep up the bad work, lefties!  All you'll do is ensure that more and more of the rising generation mouth your platitudes till they get tenure, while the Left's ability to make a case for itself declines from lack of practice.

      "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."



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