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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Arrogant and Unfair

      I actually agree with Linda Foley's latest diatribe, in principle:
      "The conservatives have got us, as a country, now believing that balance -- giving both sides -- is the same as truth, and there are some things that are just false," said Linda Foley, president of The Newspaper Guild, during a panel discussion on media reform at the "Take Back America" conference in Washington, D.C.

      "The discussion that we have to have balanced reports is kind of crazy" when a story is false, she added.

      Take global warming, said Josh Silver, another panelist and executive director of the Fair Press media reform organization.

      Silver said the United States is the only developed, industrialized country that still debates in the mainstream media whether or not global warming is happening.  No need to give the other side on that topic, he was suggesting, since global warming is the truth.

      Yes, when you can determine the truth, that's what you should say.  But that assumes that you can determine the truth.

      One of the greatest problems with the modern media is its belief that it knows more than does.  There are all kinds of issues involved in the global warming debate, and the press is, frankly, not smart enough to evaluate the evidence.  Of course, they aren't much inclined to evaluate the evidence in the first place.  Instead, they like the idea that human beings are destroying the world by not being properly controlled by their betters.  But even if the they were genuinely concerned about the question of truth, they aren't fit to decide it.

      'Global Warming is real, it's manmade, there must be extensive government action to control it.  We know this, and we will tell you what you must do, whether you want to or not.  And don't give us any of this democracy nonsense.  Obey your betters.'  And they really don't understand why this doesn't work in the United States!




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