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Friday, June 03, 2005

David Brock Says: 'Ignore my Book, it's Unreliable'

      David Brock's book The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy, starts out with an attack on the late Edith Efron, whose own book, The News Twisters, said the media was biased against Republicans and conservatives.  The problem is, he says that such judgments are subjective, and implies that they are thereby worthless.  Since his own book is itself full of the same kind of arguments and judgments, by his own standards he isn't worth paying any attention to.

      However, if you have higher logical standards than Brock's, his book is still worthless, because his standards are contradictory.  A paragraph after dismissing as "subjective" Efron's judgment that CBS's coverage was biased, he defends CBS by saying that CBS was found objective by people CBS hired to defend itself!

  • Brock is self-contradictory.

  • Brock makes assertions without evidence.

  • Brock uses sneering language and innuendo instead of reasoned argument.

  • Brock engages in editing-as-lying, leaving out relevant facts from his accounts, and mixing short scattered quotes with his claims of what people meant.

  • Brock uses McCarthyite smear tactics, such as guilt by association.

  • Brock accuses others of flaws that his own book displays.

  • Fortunately, Brock's rhetoric is so shoddy, he's absurdly easy to refute.

      If you actually find the self-accused smear artist Brock interesting, check out the first chapter of his book, published on Amazon. Me, I can't be bothered to do a detailed fisking today.



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