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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

For the Love of God, Somebody Give Them a Clue

Summary [added later]:

      The MSM still thinks it can solve its problems by talking to itself.

  • Five universities and two foundations create a new journalism school program.

  • Despite the rhetoric, it's still the SOS.

  • The program was created after interviewing "news executives," that is, the same people who made the mess in the first place.

  • The people involved are almost terminally pretentious and self-important.

In Depth:

      The MSM has known for some time that it's audience is declining, that people don't trust it, and that people outside the MSM regularly find scandalous behavior by those within it.  And on some level, they remember that there have been Journalism degrees for almost a century, starting with the University of Missouri in 1908.

      Well, guess what?  Harvard, four J-schools, and two foundations will now set up -- wait for it! -- a NEW Journalism School program!  Really, I wouldn't make something like this up.  I'd lack the nerve:
      "Journalism as a whole is clearly in something of a crisis," Mr. Schell said.  As journalistic scandals crop up with more frequency, surveys show trust in the news media eroding, newspaper circulation declining and young people disengaged from newspapers and television news.

      "Those of us who run journalism schools are confronted with the prospect of ever fewer distinguished media outlets - especially in broadcast - to which we can aspire to send our students to work," Mr. Schell added.  "So this is a time not only to try and make journalism schools as relevant as possible to the evolving profession, but also to have universities begin to weigh in on the debate about what happens in the media."

      No word on WHY they won't be investigating the reasons the USAmerican people lost their trust in the MSM, though.

      Hat tip: Jay Rosen.

      Update: The first time through, I missed this bit of information:
      The thinking behind the initiative lies in a study done, pro bono, by the McKinsey consulting group, which, interviewed 40 news executives of all stripes and concluded

      Right, under the leadership of news executives, the business has been run into the toilet, so lets ask them what to do.  See also their "Manifesto" explaning what important people they are, revealing they still haven't noticed the Web, they don't know much about history, and why we poor peasants need them.

      I'm tempted to say "Unbelievable!", but in fact I believe it all too easily.



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