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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An Observation


      The imbeciles who run our local excuse for a newspaper are, predictably, defending Dick Durbin and Amnesty International.
  • The Strib thinks it's "senseless" to discuss Durbin's comparison.  What's really senseless is paying any attention to the Star-Tribune.

      Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.                                       

At Length:

      The blogfather comments that:
      It almost seems as if there are more people writing the Strib than there are reading it . . . .

in reference to their latest editorial, which defends Dick Durbin and Amnesty International.  The Strib thinks it's "senseless" to discuss Durbin's comparison.  Instead, we should discuss the "hellhole" at Guantanamo.  Except that the Strib has no intention of doing that either.  The weight gain, the handling of the Koran with gloves to avoid giving offense to their religious sensibilities, the arrows pointint to Mecca so they can pray at the allotted times, which we notify the prisoners of, the investigations into abuse initiated by the Army -- none of that will be discussed.  Instead, the Strib and its traitorous allies will cherrypick the evidence, seeking to prove the U.S. is evil, which you know is true because we elected a Republican as President.

      I have ceased reading the Strib myself, because, aside from the comic's page and James Lileks, there's so little worth seeing there.  It's truly pitiful that the Strib's excuse for an editorial board doesn't see the difference between what the Soviet's and Nazi's did, and what we do at Guantanamo.  For those of you who need a refresher, read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago, and find the passage where he describes what the Checka/GPU/OGPU/NKVD/MVD/KGB did to prisoners to extort confessions to non-existent crimes, and then adds that if Russian intellectuals denouncing the Czar in the 19th Century had foreseen those scenes, the denunciations would never have been written, because they'd all have gone mad.

      The Strib has gone mad, because it's candidate lost in 2000.



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