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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Open Letter


      I mailed public@nytimes.com about the Krugman column of last Friday I previously blogged about.  Text below.

At Length:


        I see in Paul Krugman's June 17th column that it is apparently vitally important that I know that the guy currently blamed for losing the state of Ohio ten to twelve million dollars is a Republican.  I also see that there is another scandal, involving the loss of Two Hundred Twenty Five Million Dollars, and the partisan affiliation of the people involved in that are . . ., say, did I mention the ten to twelve million dollar guy is a Republican?

        Some questions:

        1) As an allegedly professional economist, which does Prof. Krugman think is more serious, the loss of ten to twelve million, or the loss of two hundred twenty five million?

        2) Did the good Professor make any attempt to find out the partisan affiliations of those responsible for the two hundred twenty five million dollar loss?

        3) If the answer to question two above is "No," why not?

        4) If the answer to question two is "Yes," did he find out?

        5) If the answer to question four is "No," don't you think someone should teach him how to use Google?  Because I found the answers on the web, and fairly easily.

        6) If the answer to question 4 is "Yes," why did he think we don't need to know the partisan affiliations of those who lost Ohio two hundred twenty five million dollars?

        7) Do you really expect anyone to believe you're objective and reporting in an unbiased fashion, when your paper pulls stuff like this?

        8) Do you really think I'll pay to read Mr. Krugman's dishonest crap when your paper starts charging for it?

Very Sincerely yours,

Stephen M.
St. Onge
Minneapolis, MN



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